Flyvision Ltd.'s products are custom-designed, numbered design display windows that float real objects.

Of course, we take the customer aspects into consideration, such as the need to move the display regularly or the ability to replace products. However, the wow-effect solution (s) that can be implemented with the proprietary Flyvision® technology will in each case be determined by the features and characteristics of the object to be hovered. The range of floating products for the HELIOS model is limited.

Although our products typically fall into more than one type category, they are not the same! The variety of showcase types and accessories available offers an infinite number of personalized variations.

Planning - Bidding

Creative design is a free service of Flyvision Ltd.

Only after obtaining all the data and information on the specific object (s) you wish to float will we be able to make a unique visualization and quotation. Ideally, the object itself is already available during the design phase, but then the data or 2-3 photos or videos from different angles are sufficient.

The design and quotation of the showcase (s) with Flyvision® technology is usually completed within 3-5 days. We do not have a standard catalog or price list as described above.

Manufacturing - execution

Once the offer is accepted, contracted, and the product is received, the production phase usually takes 6-8 weeks (not for serial order).

The optimal size of our showcases ranges from 20x20x20 cm to 60x60x60 cm in terms of cost-effectiveness and weight. Of course, smaller and larger showcases are readily designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers.

The exterior cladding can be made of metal, wood, stone, with or without lighting, with a custom background image or other accessory as required.

Standard manufacturing tolerance used during manufacturing: +/- 5mm (excluding internal connections: 0.5mm)

The certification for the Flyvision® showcase guarantees compliance with the uniform technical regulations of the European Union.


Packaging - Delivery

Ready-made Flyvision® showcases are available at our customers' choice in a cost-effective wooden or carton shipping box (recommended for one-time shipping) or a premium shipping box for easy-to-move display cases.

The place of fulfillment of the order is Flyvision Ltd's headquarters and premises (EX WORK delivery). In addition to the contracted service, of course, we are at the disposal of our Clients by arranging the delivery.

Use - Warranty

As our company sells in a franchise system, the place of use (country or region of origin) of the completed Flyvision® showcases is specified in the current contract, except for the permission of Flyvision Ltd. and subject to certain conditions.

In all cases, the location of the deployment shall be taken into account, in particular, the light conditions and other external influences such as the risk of waterlogging, misting or injury.

Unauthorized opening or unauthorized use of the display units will void the warranty.


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