A selection from Flyvision's projects and our partners' opinions

telenor 1

"We were very satisfied with the work delivered by Flyvision for our client Motorola. The no gravity display presenting the new smartphone Edge 20 during our PR event in Paris really made a difference. We worked in very tight schedules and Flyvision did nail it anyway!"

braun 1

“The essence of our brand is innovation and design — all these were provided by Flyvision, since the product was given the opportunity to appear in its own reality.”

museum of fine arts 1

“Whether we regarded the ancient Egyptian art object as archaeological monuments or works of art, during exhibitions it is an important aspect for us that the cabinet allows the items to prevail, not pushed away by the design, while it has to provide perfect safety for them.”

aronson 1

“We are very pleased with the results of working together with Flyvision.”

schott 1

“The first time we saw the photos of Flyvision solutions, we could not believe this was true and we thought it was a photoshop trick.”

dove 1

„Flyvision's appearances in cinemas in Budapest have been very successful with Dove's "Body language" campaign. The spectacular floating boxes have attracted a great deal of interest from cinema visitors. The innovative POS material has been an effective complement to the advertising campaign.”

nike 1

„The Nike Half Marathon is one of the most important annual events in the life of Nike Hungary, with more and more people coming each year (2011 - 12,000 participants), not only to run, but also to relax or accompany, so it is extremely important to have the right branding. In 2011, we wanted to innovate, and that's why we worked with Flyvision, taking advantage of the unique product placement they provided. We only received positive feedback. Our guests and visitors have been watching Flyvision curiously and have been trying to figure out the technique behind it for a long time. ”

e lites 1

„At E-LITES, we chose this form of advertising and visualization because the E-LITES brand has become known in the world as a premium, elite brand as the UK's leading brand of electronic cigarettes." We are working with a partner like FLYVISION who, as a premium brand, also offers us and for a number of world-renowned premium products completely unique opportunity. " Flyvision adequately displays exclusivity, style and quality to our existing and future partners.”

diageo 1

„The equipment provided extra visibility to the restaurants. He drew the attention of the guests to the brand at the point of sale.”

pop group 1

„Flyvision products combine creativity with 21st-century visuals, the best match for such a point-of-sale device. In addition to the unique visual impact, the "viewer / visitor" 's imagination will be triggered and is almost without exception asked: "how is this possible?". The Totem Column, made for our Partner and exhibited at events, thus presented Roche's high-tech products as an ideal tool. The effect was there.”

rona 1

„Flyvision totems attracted a lot of interest and countless visitors to several exhibitions. A great presentation tool that emphasizes the timeless beauty and modern form of our collection of crystal stamper glasses.”

cncg 1

„As an exhibitor, we have been present at CES for eight years, but we have never seen such a great interest in any product.”
„Flyvision has succeeded developing a great and unique product presentation system that will amaze everyone who sees it.”

Some further works

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vertu 1

gucci 1

suomy 1

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absolut vodka 1

apple 1

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ray ban 1

bauer 1

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Further references

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