In the 21st century, especially since the era of shopping malls shop areas have become more important than ever and can have up to 70% share in purchase influencing factors.
Marketers are therefore on a constant search for the most modern in-store solutions of best quality and efficiency.
Parting with the conventional, saturated communication tools within shops (paper-based, easily damaged, not easily accessible, dull) can bring various advantages for any brand in the industry.

Flyvision's solution does not only fill the innovation gap within creative advertising but it can promise unique and lasting advantages for any brand in the industry.

About us

Flyvision Kft. is a 100% proprietor of the first basic patent for the technology in Europe, plus of a second patent that became necessary during product development for the European and Eurasian patent areas and Ukraine (50 countries in total). Our company is the owner of the Flyvision Franchise System, with exclusive partners for each country.

Our aim

Further introduction to advertisers, product marketers, showrooms, shop areas, hotels, museums, exhibition centers etc, plus the establishment of a European and Eurasian franchise- and distribution network.

What we do

Representation and marketing of our patented product display technology in Europe and Asia, digital design and custom-made finish of vitrines based on our customers' requests.

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