The “Levitation” display case for Hublot: contemplative poetry

About nine years ago, the Flyvision showcase floating an Hublot watch and its components made its debut at an exhibition in Switzerland...

Specially designed for the event and located at the main entrance to the stand, one display in particular reflected the image of Hublot watches. It was an event all on its own. Even a world first.

To create this concept, Dietlin Artisans worked with the Hungarian company Flyvision, the leader in levitation displays.

“Puzzled and questioning” visitors crowded around the display to marvel at a Tourbillon carbon watch levitating in space, “carried by the wind”, with no fixtures or supports, in the centre of an illuminated case.

After the exhibition, the "floating" showcases were displayed in some of Hublot's exclusive stores around the world.



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