Our first Article in VM Spotlight of the British Display Society

As a Corpotare Member of the British Display Society, we have a new tool to introduce our patented solutions to Visual Merchandisers and those taking VM and Display Courses.

Please welcome our first article in the VM Spotlight Magazine, no 1 issue of 2022.

"Customer satisfaction is one of the main goals of our company. It's a wonderful feeling to see the sparkle in our clients' eyes when their quality products are given the exclusive presentation they deserve, and that sparkle is reborn with each new collaboration.

We are honoured to have successfully collaborated with internationally renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin twice over the years - in 2013 and 2020 - and welcome him back as a returning partner.

We received first a men's and then a women's shoe from our client. But not in one part, but in pieces! For both shoes, our client requested that the layers of the shoe be displayed separately by Flyvision® levitation in a closed display case, so that visitors could see the layers of the famous Louboutin creation.

The 'exploded men's shoe' vitrine was displayed in Louboutin's stores in Dubai and Madrid, while the women's model dazzled the public at the elegant Palais de la Porte Dorée museum in Paris as part of an exhibition of Christian Louboutin's work.

It was no small challenge for our team to display the layers of the shoes at the right distance and angle from each other, so that all the elements corresponded to the way the floating technique worked.

In both cases, the Quantum vitrine was chosen in collaboration with our client, taking into account the conditions of the showroom and the built-in exhibition installation. The entire interior of the display case was illuminated with full light LED lighting, and the outer mantle, which is visible in the shop area and reflects it, was covered with a mirror. The oversize showcases were carefully prepared and transported to the site by Flyvision's special transport vehicle.

We are delighted that both projects were successful for our client and that our magical Flyvision® showcases supported their exclusive brand promotion as a unique, personalised presentation tool."

Our first Article in VM Spotlight of the British Display Society



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