Design vitrine for Motorola Edge20

A client who is happy and contented. YES! That’s why it is worth making all the efforts. 😊

This time we’ve cooperated with Breakers Agency from Paris in order to meet our customer’s needs. The aim was to present the newly introduced smartphone, Edge 20 in a worthy showcase on Motorola’s PR event at Hotel Bowmann in Paris. Our levitating showcase, specially designed for this occasion, seemed to be astonishing enough to keep the people staring at the two phones floating inside.

This Quantum one-sided display with full light inside has really made it unique for its occupants to shine on this launch event in August.

Our Partner, Breakers Agency on our collaboration:

"We were very satisfied with the work delivered by Flyvision for our client Motorola.

The no gravity display presenting the new smartphone Edge 20 during our PR event in Paris really made a difference.

We worked in very tight schedules and Flyvision did nail it anyway!"


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