The magic in wine...

Flyvision's collaboration with Di Sipio Italia winery

If it's autumn, it's harvest. If it's harvest, then Wine, Wine, Wine!

Based on a previous successful wine project, we had the opportunity to renew our collaboration with a dear client, Di Sipio Italia, by creating new visual designs for the famous winery.

We were delighted to be at Mr. Di Sipio's disposal and this time we came up with the designs of a floating showcase that would give visitors a view from all four sides (Helios). A favourite feature of our showcase is that it allows the more than ten different Di Sipio bottled wines to show the character of the wine inside. In addition, the naturalness of the display's coating and the floating wine rack that holds the bottles harmonises beautifully with both the wooden wine barrel and the corks used for most of the bottles.

Is your vintage particularly successful?

Dazzle your customers with a unique design showcase to match the speciality of your wine!

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