Swiss Floating LOGO in our magical vitrine

How can magic stay unrevealed for so many years...? 😉

Bern-Schönbühl, Switzerland, 2015.

Headquarters of the largest Swiss retail company, Migros.

Our company installs a 4-sided powder coated Flyvision® display with a letter „M” floating in the middle, illuminated by several spot lights. The large „M” letter is visible from all sides right at the entrance of the building, where the reception is located. A great chance for the company to show the initial letter of their brand name in a monumental style.

But what about the receptionist working every day in that great entrance hall?

Does it bother him to find out how the „M” has kept floating all the years through?

Well…. this is what he told us when we met him in 2019:

„I’ve been thinking and thinking all these years….. yet, no idea how this „M” has been able to levitate in the showcase for all these years. Please, tell me how it works! Don’t let me making guesses any more!”

Well, unfortunately, a secret will have to remain a secret, after all.

Just as it is with magical things in general… 😊


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