Levitation and fragrance. Flyvision and Sensit. World sensation 📣- with video

This year's appearance at CTCO Lyon is a milestone in the history of our unique showcases: this time we have a world premiere for visitors.

Levitation and fragrance. Flyvision and Sensit. World sensation.

In the middle of our showcase in the spotlight it is an impressive men's leather wallet that is floating. Thanks to our Italian partner Sensit, this Flyvision floating display has been given a sensational accessory element, a first in the world. This allows visitors not only to see the wallet levitating in the middle of the display, but also to smell its delicate leather scent. 😯 No liquid in any form is released into the air, creating innovation in the world of scent diffusers.

We plan to present more floating-scented constructions, next time in May in Milan.

Perfume makers, chocolate manufacturers, successful businesses with their own fragrance; who will be the first owners of our brand new innovative showcases?...


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